DID 520 ERT3 CHAIN 118 links

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D.I.D is the number one motorcycle chain in the world. D.I.D chains are used by factory races teams from all manufacturers in race series everywhere.

The D.I.D ERT3 chain is the most trusted chain in Supercross and motocross racing because of its reputation of meeting the high quality demands that are required when pushing the limits. It was designed with the intention of making a chain that is optimized for the purpose of racing. D.I.D beefed up the ERT3 chain by increasing the pin size by 3% to give the chain an average tensile strength of 8,100 pounds. Increasing the strength of the ERT3 chain did not come with a sacrifice of weight, in fact DID was able to shed 5% from the previous ERT chain.

Exclusively designed for motorcycle racing.
High-performance, lightweight and low friction chain.
3% bigger pin diameter and 5% lighter than former ERT.
Provides the highest wear resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance.
Average tensile strength of 8,100 pounds.
Wear life index: 430.
Rated for up to a 450cc motocross bike.
Weight (per 100 links): 2.99 pounds.
Includes a clip-style master link.
118 links.
Notes: ERT and ERT3 Connecting Links are not interchangeable. Non-sealed chains require more regular maintenance than sealed
(O-ring, X-ring) versions and are mainly recommended for off-road use.